Cosmetic Regulation in Europe

Up until 11th July 2013 the regulation governing the production and sale of cosmetics in the EU was the Directive 76/768/EEC. It and its subsequent amendments and Annexes formed the legal basis for the trade in cosmetic products in the EU. The new legislation 1223/2009 is a complete recast of the existing regulations.  Although there are a number of significant changes in the new regulations, including a harmonized system of Europe-wide notification of products (CPNP),  the major difference is in the safety assessment of the product ingredients. This requires the preparation of a cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) as part of the Product Information File (PIF). This report is likely to require much more detail on the toxicology of ingredients than in the previous regulations. This in turn will lead to the requirement for more testing of ingredients than previously, though of course this will not be animal testing. Many alternatives are being investigated via EU projects clustered as  SEURAT-1 ( One of these projects, COSMOS, (, focuses on computational approaches to the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients.

 Because of the major changes in the safety assessments TfG no longer offers product assessment, but we are still strongly involved in computational approaches and specifically “weight of evidence” approaches and their validation. We offer a full service from advice on computational approaches, to a complete “Weight of evidence” predictive package.