Food Processing & Public Health

Food Processing and Public Health

Food and feed, whether raw, during processing, processed or in food premises, is subject to a range of biodeterioration processes. These include attack or spoilage by insects, rodents, birds, fungi, and bacteria.
TfG can advise on hygiene and pest management practices including:

  • Insects, mites & fungi : identification, occurrence and significance
  • Insects, mites & fungi: control strategies and monitoring
  • Rodents: treatment strategies and monitoring

Specialist Services include:

  • Site audits
  • Contractor performance assessments
  • Risk management reports
  • Expert witness/arbitration

Consequences of Spoilage

The presence of insects, and especially mites, can lead to build up of allergens, which can become a serious public health problem.

  • TfG can advise and train on:
  • Types and identity of pest-derived allergens
  • Medical aspects
  • Public health aspects
  • Legislation

Spoilage by moulds (fungi) can give rise to specific toxic chemicals called mycotoxins, produced by the fungi themselves. Mycotoxins are amongst the most poisonous substances known to man.

TfG can advise and train on:

  • Types & identity of mycotoxins
  • Occurrence and control
  • Public health and medical aspects

Storage of Durable and Semi-Durable Foodstuffs

Very few pesticides can be used for pest management in storage of food commodities.
TfG can:

  • Advise on appropriate pesticides
  • Report on alternatives and on impending legislation. (for example the global ban on methyl bromide)
  • Advise on non-chemical techniques
  • Report on latest technical advances