About TfG

TfG are Dr. Ken Wildey and Prof. Nick Price.  Between them Nick & Ken have almost 70 years experience in a range of scientific activities related  to the environment and public health.

Ken’s specialties are at the sharp end of pest management and wildlife issues, whilst Nick has a wealth of experience at the more theoretical and research-based end of the business.

Ken spent 9 years as Head of Wildlife and Storage Biology Department, ADAS, Starcross.  He was senior adviser in Devon and Cornwall on wildlife management, conservation, wildlife and pesticides, and public health/food storage pests, before becoming , Head of Infestation Risk Evaluation  at DEFRA's Central Science Laboratory, (now the Food & Environment Research Agency) managing 35 research scientists working on food storage pests, public health pests and agricultural pests. Ken was appointed Director of the International Centre for Safe Commodity Storage, based at CSL’s headquarters near York.

Since leaving CSL to form TfG some of Ken’s activities include:

  • Acting as expert witness in crop and food spoilage cases
  • Scientific surveys
  • Contributor to the UK delegation for the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene (CCFH) on invertebrate contaminants in food.
  • Member of the UK British Standards Institute Cereals Committee.
  • Member of the IOBC steering group on biological control in stored product pests.
  • Court arbiter in UK on fly nuisances in dwelling houses, related to infestations in housed livestock units

After 6 years of academic research, Nick worked for 25 years at what became the Central Science Laboratory of DEFRA, (now the Food & Environment Research Agency).

During this time Nick gained experience and a publication record in the fields of insect biochemistry, physiology and endocrinology, as well as an increasing interest and involvement in molecular modelling, quantitative structure-activity relationships, (QSAR) and natural products.

He became Head of Pest Management Strategies Group, taking responsibility for management and scientific supervision of 70 scientists working on a wide range of research projects in the fields of novel pest management and natural products. These include: Natural product chemistry; Biological control, by predators, microorganisms, and natural products; Insect and mite biology and physiology; Behavioural ecology; Biochemical and molecular biology of pests; QSAR. Nick is a Visiting Professor of Applied Biology, University of Leeds and an Honorary Fellow in Chemistry, University of York

Some of Nick’s activities include;

  • Information mining of scientific data for legal actions
  • Scientific Surveys
  • Member of project CAESAR team, EU project on QSAR to predict toxicology
  • Project module leader on multi EU project of QSARs for the assessment of environmental risk of pesticides
  • Preparing documents for assessment under EU Cosmetic regulations
  • PhD external examiner; University of Newcastle
  • Evaluating QSAR Software
  • QSAR Training